Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy is helping to raise awareness about the dangers of HIV and AIDS among today's youths by travelling the world and writing a song about his experiences.
The rapper is heading to South Africa, the Philippines and India as part of his role as MTV's Staying Alive Special Ambassador.
He will be putting his thoughts about the global trek to music for release on World AIDS Day on 1 December (09) and MCCoy is honoured to be a part of the campaign.
He says, "(It's) a cause that is very close to me. Having lost loved ones and seeing the toll it takes on people affected, including the people that love and care for them, it's important we do whatever we can within our power to fight this deadly and rapidly spreading epidemic.
"I strongly feel the best cure we have at this point is increasing education and building awareness. It's how we use this information in the choices we make that will determine whether or not our generation will help make a change or ultimately make things worse. I believe that each one should teach one, and if my influence on my peers and young ones that look up to me can help decide what music to listen to or what clothes to wear, I hope and pray it will help them to decide to be safe and take their life seriously."
And MCCoy, who is Katy Perry's boyfriend, is giving pro-active fans the opportunity to contribute to the special single - he's inviting devotees to submit lyrics and design ideas for the CD cover via his blog and his website.