Gym Class Heroes star Travis McCoy has spoken for the first time since assaulting a fan at a show in St Louis, Missouri, confessing he lost control of his emotions.
The frontman was arrested on a third degree assault charge immediately after the July (08) concert following his microphone attack on a fan.
He reportedly took offence to an audience member who called him a "f**king ignorant n**ger".
MCCoy's girlfriend, Katy Perry, has since defended her man, insisting, "There are definitely two sides to every story and you always have to take (that) into account."
And now the hip-hop star himself is speaking out.
During an awkward chat with rocker Pete Wentz on Friday night's (15Aug08) FN MTV show, MCCoy said, "I was just called something very disgusting and vulgar and something just snapped in me and I kind of went off the handle."