Gym Class Heroes star Travis McCoy broke down in tears over his split from Katy Perry while recording a song about his heartbreak.
The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker ended her relationship with MCCoy in April last year (09) before embarking on a whirlwind romance with funnyman Russell Brand, who she is now engaged to marry.
MCCoy admits he was so upset over their break-up, he wept real tears in the studio while recording a track, Don't Pretend, for his ex-girlfriend.
He says, "That song is the most introspective and personal on the album. In a sense, I felt I'd had my heart ripped out. I'm crying throughout the song.
"The album is about coming out the other side of something really painful... There was a lot of stuff that did not make the album because it was too dark."
And MCCoy insists he has even more melancholy music to come.
He adds, "Don't Pretend is the final song on the album as I didn't want to start the album on a sad song. It's also the perfect set-up for my next solo album. I've saved the really sad stuff for that."