Boardmembers at 408 Greenwich Street, where the Tracy Anderson Studio is located, have filed legal action against Tracy Anderson Studio bosses in Manhattan Supreme Court, demanding some peace and quiet.

The plaintiffs claim activities at the third-floor gym have disrupted their lives due to the constant noise and vibrations, which have also allegedly brought on health issues for fourth-floor resident, producer Joseph Scarpinito.

"The classes include 'high-intensity choreography' and unique training tools such as poles, hoops and resistance bands that hang from the ceiling," reads the suit, which alleges the gym's "advanced sound system" wakes neighbours up as early as 5.45am.

Lawyers go on to state, "The noise and vibrations... interfere with Mr. Scarpinito's ability to work during the day and cause him to feel physically ill, anxious, frustrated, irritable and angry... The vibrations are so extreme that they can be felt by occupants on the ninth floor of the building."

Plaintiffs are seeking an injunction to force gym officials to "remedy the noise and vibration" problem, reports the New York Post. The gym's longterm lease in the building, where a two-bedroom unit is being sold for $8 million (£5 million), doesn't expire until 2018.

Playing down the lawsuit, Tracy Anderson Studio representative Steven Beltrani says, "We have been excellent anchor tenants for eight years at our space in Tribeca and continue to operate business as we always have."

Celebrities who frequent Anderson's gyms include Madonna, Kim Kardashian and Lena Dunham.