Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is facing a birthday party planning dilemma - her daughter wants to go camping at home.
Paltrow's daughter Apple, who will turn seven in May (11), has insisted on spending her birthday with pals in a tent - but she doesn't want to leave the family's London home.
The actress explains, "She wants to do a camping party in the city so I'm not sure exactly how that works... So we're going to have a tent, maybe in the living room? I don't know."
Fussy Apple presented a similar birthday headache for her folks when she turned six last year (10).
Paltrow recalls her little girl asked for a petting zoo.
She adds, "I got the email from the place and it's crazy. It's literally, like, one pony to ride... a pony to pet, some goats, a bearded dragon, a tarantula, two meat rats and a descented skunk."