Gwyneth Paltrow was once given a cookery lesson with top British chef Jamie Oliver as a birthday present.
The Hollywood actress was delighted with the gift, which saw the culinary expert come to her home and give her an evening of private tutorage.
Paltrow learned a host of kitchen skills and insists it is one of the best things she has ever done.
She says, "I was given a cookery lesson with Jamie one birthday, which was the best. He came to the house and brought everything with him.
"Not in (British supermarket) Sainsbury's bags - in restaurant crates. It was phenomenal. I'd only met him in passing before. He's such a great guy."
And Paltrow now reckons she is close to becoming a cookery expert herself.
She adds, "Making your own pasta is definitely worth it. You can do a really nice cheese and walnut sauce. Toast walnuts in oil, add dolcelatte (cheese) and a bit of cream, some Parmesan cheese and butter and stir it up."
Paltrow is trying out her new skills in her own cookery show, which she is filming in Spain alongside Michelin-starred chef Mario Batali.