Movie beauty Gwyneth Paltrow often embarrasses herself during wild nights out with her famous friends - because she's a drinking lightweight.

The TALENTED MR RIPLEY actress loves hanging out with her hellraising friends - including social butterflies Stella Mccartney, Kate Moss and SADIE FROST - but can't keep up with their impressive alcohol consumption.

She laughs, "I'm such a lightweight. I had a girl's night last night and I had two glasses of champagne, and today...

"I'm not a partier. I'm really kind of a nerd. I'm always the first one to go home. It's so funny because I realised that when I was in my twenties I was trying to fit in, to be as cool as Kate and Sadie... you know?

"And I just realised, I'm 31 years old and I'm a nerd, I don't party. I go home and I get in bed, it's really sad."

03/12/2003 21:16