Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow is waiting for the finished script of a planned Marlene Dietrich biopic to arrive before she researches the part.

The Shakespeare In Love beauty is so enthused about starring as the late German icon, she wants to start the project afresh without any preconceived ideas about her role.

The 32-year-old says of the project, "That is something that I got involved with a long time ago, before I got pregnant. So we've been developing it and it's being written now. It's based on a couple of biographies, I think.

"Her life was so incredible. I mean, all of the things that she did and all of the lovers and the boys and the girls and the wars and the singing and the activism. It's just incredible.

"But I mean, I had never thought of it and then I was approached with the project and I started to understand it, because I didn't really know anything about her; I still don't know very much about her because I haven't done all the research yet.

"I want to see when the script comes in how it is as a script, as opposed to, 'Oh, this detail wasn't in there.' I don't want to be an expert on her life until the script is right."

05/12/2004 14:22