Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has become the latest Hollywood star to publicly endorse Barack Obama for U.S. President because she's a big fan of his women's rights issues.
The mother-of-two has revealed her choice for the office as the November (08) election heats up, adamant the Democratic candidate shares her passions.
Paltrow tells Glamour magazine, "It is crucial that we elect a president who will make women's health a priority. For his entire career, Barack Obama has stood up for women in this way."
And Paltrow is not a big fan of Obama's opponent, Senator John MCCain.
She adds, "MCCain has voted against requiring insurance to cover birth control, and he's opposed funding for education about emergency contraception (EC). MCCain has voted against what is best for women's health 125 times. This year I'll be voting for a champion of women's health care, and a champion for my daughter's future."