OSCAR-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has left Lisa Kudrow and Ray Liotta without a movie - after she suddenly pulled out of a project they were all set to star in together.

The Shakespeare In Love beauty is reportedly assailed by personal problems and a demanding workload - which has led to her leaving dozens of staffers and actors in their air when she pulled out of Happy Endings, a planned relationship comedy.

A source says that on 22 April (03), producers gathered the already-hired staff together and announced that 30-year-old Paltrow had pulled out and the production had been shut down.

American tabloid the STAR reports a production boss as declaring, "We're sorry, but Gwyneth is in such a state that she must stop working for an undetermined amount of time."

The source adds, "The cast and crew are out of a job for now. Lisa Kudrow was livid. They took her behind closed doors to tell her, and everybody could hear her scream. But they know that Gwyneth needs to take care of herself."

Sources speculate Paltrow's sources of trouble could range from a turbulent era with her Coldplay rocker boyfriend Chris Martin, the death of her director dad Bruce Paltrow or the fact that she has just finished playing suicidal poet SYLVIA PLATH in the film TED AND SYLVIA.

02/05/2003 09:05