Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow has finally decided to give birth in London - despite warnings from celeb pal Madonna about hospital conditions.

The SYLVIA actress who is six months pregnant with COLDPLAY singer CHRIS MARTIN's child was warned off the British hospitals by the AMERICAN PIE singer after she claimed they were "too old and Victorian".

Yet now the couple are happy to have made plans to have their baby in Paltrow's adopted home after installing a birth tank into their swanky London pad.

Paltrow wants to give birth at home - yet plans have been made to go to the exclusive $1,400 (GBP740)-a-night ST JOHN AND ST ELIZABETH private London hospital if needed.

The hospital was recommended to her by her showbiz friends Sadie Frost and Kate Moss, who have all recently given birth there.

The hospital which offers an alternative approach to giving birth, including being able to listen to whale music whilst floating in a birth pool, costs around $8,550 (GBP4,500) to give birth in.

02/03/2004 18:01