Gwyneth Paltrow is planning a very personal tribute to her childhood style icon by creating a fashion closet in her home and naming it after her.

The actress admits she was captivated by pal SAMANTHA BASS' socialite mother, ANNE, who filled a room in the family's New York home with couture gowns and ballet costumes - and she has always wanted to copy the idea.

She recalls, "I remember I was around 16 or 17 and peeking into this room, and thinking, 'My God, how incredible.' It was all couture.

"Maybe I can have a room like that someday and put a plaque on the door with Anne Bass' name on it, like she donated the money for me to finally sort out my clothes. I'll have the Anne Bass Closet in my house in London."

Paltrow can't wait to get started on her new idea because many of her favourite designer dresses are still in storage.

She adds "Most of my clothes went to storage, and I haven't dealt with it yet. (There are) hundreds of pieces."