Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has narrated a short film for United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) in a bid to save newborn babies from a life with Aids. The Oscar winner offered her voice to the new public service announcement, which was launched online on Wednesday (27Feb08), after her friend, and Hugh Grant's ex, Jemima Khan asked her to take part. Khan is urging world leaders to honour their 2007 promise for AIDS funding that would lead to all pregnant women with HIV given treatment to make certain their babies are born without the disease. Khan tells website, "I asked Gwyneth if she would agree to do the voiceover for the film as she is a mother with a global profile, who I know is a supporter of UNICEF." Paltrow adds, "According to UNICEF, a baby is born with HIV almost every minute of every day somewhere in the world. The virus is passed from mother to child during the birth or pregnancy. "I have just found out that this can be prevented for less than $2, yet very few women in the poorer countries of the world can get the medicine they need to ensure their baby is born free from HIV. "I hope that this new short film will raise awareness and funds about this issue and UNICEF will be able to reach every woman with the vital care and medicines they need."