Gwyneth Paltrow has fallen for fashion in her adopted London because she believes women dress differently according to their postcode (zipcode).

The stylish actress credits the English capital with having the most diverse fashion sense in the world - and she loves nothing better than to browse through the boroughs watching the trends change.

She explains, "In Chelsea it's very designer, and within that, you'll have the more horsey, traditional English girl - that posh kind of dressing.

"In east London you have the funkiest styles, where they'll bring back the 80s and stuff like that. You'll see a forward kind of fashion there.

"Then, in Notting Hill, you'll see SIENNA MILLER-style, sort of Bohemian chic (and), in north London, it's a mix of all of the above.

"There's a side of London that's very LA. You'll see the girls wearing supershort dresses . It's very glitzy. They go to the tanning salon. They've got those fake boobs."