Movie star Gwyneth Paltrow has been credited for bringing close pal Madonna back together with her father Tony Ciccone, after begging her to reconcile with him. Madonna, who made up with her dad last year (05), endured a troubled relationship with Ciccone when he remarried after the death of her mother in 1963 when she was just five years old. Paltrow's own father Bruce Paltrow died in 2002 after a battle with throat cancer - and the Shakespeare In Love beauty has always regretted not spending more time with him. She warned the RAY OF LIGHT star to forgive and forget - or suffer the agony of what might have been. Madonna's family friend CHERYL BUCHHALTER says, "Gwyneth had a heartfelt talk with Madonna about her agony over losing her dad Bruce. "Gwyn often talks of things she could have done with him, things she would like to have told him. Knowing he is gone forever is something that still crushes her. "She told Madonna, 'If you don't make up with your dad and enjoy the time he's got left you'll regret it for the rest of your life.'"