Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has dumped her macrobiotic diet, insisting she only began the strict nutritional plan during her "unhappy" twenties.

The Oscar-winning star spent most of her early adulthood unhappy, due to a heavy workload and rocky relationships with Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck.

However, now in her thirties, Paltrow is happier than ever, thanks to her marriage to rocker Chris Martin, their baby Apple and only choosing to only make films she truly believes in.

Paltrow says, "I eat wheat and cheese. I don't have milk or butter because it's not good for anybody, but I'm a lot less strict than I was. My diet was very regimented. But now I eat what I want.

"A lot of things changed when my Dad (Bruce Paltrow) died (02) - I had a smoking relapse and was very unhealthy. I was kind of sad in my twenties. I was trying to find the things that would make me happy.

"I drink a glass of wine with dinner, occasionally beer and also Guinness. I can't drink vodka though, it wrecks me!"