Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's marriage is safe and strong, according to the Oscar winner's close pal, chef MARIO BATALI.
Paltrow has been spotted partying in the U.S. with pal Madonna, while Martin tours the U.K. with his band Coldplay, prompting rumours their five year marriage is in trouble.
Reports this week even suggested the couple planned to spend Christmas together in London in a bid to save their relationship.
But Batali, who shot a TV cookery show with the actress in Spain this summer (08), insists there's no truth to the rumours.
He tells OK! magazine, "Not true. I see them all the time. I don't think they're having problems."
Batali adds the pair's kids Apple and Moses help to keep their marriage strong.
He says, "If you meet their kids, their kids are cool. And their kids have the fascination with new and open-eyed experiences. They're delightful. Which means they're being taken care of at home by their parents. That's the key. They're really stay-at-home parents in a way that only rock stars and Academy Award winning actors can be. They've got a time to choose when they work, and they don't have to work all the time."