OSCAR-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow has blasted former SPICE GIRL Victoria Beckham for sending out the "wrong message" with her luxury lifestyle.

The SYLVIA actress is pleased she and new hubby Chris Martin are considered boring, because she'd hate to be flamboyant fashionistas like Victoria and her soccer superstar spouse David Beckham.

Gwyneth says, "Being seen as the anti-Posh and Becks is a positive thing. That's the best news I've heard for a while.

"I find that to engage in the whole culture of, 'Let's dress up and go and make out on the red carpet and ride around in limousines', is just not my style and never has been.

"To live your life like that just brings in all this unhealthy stuff. I also think it sends a bad message to the world like, 'Look at us and you'll be happy.'

"If you're always dripping in diamonds, I think it sends the wrong message."

29/12/2003 12:31