Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin insisted on being driven to a dinner that was just four properties away.

The actress - who has previously starred in public service announcements for environmental campaigns - and her Coldplay frontman husband were among the guests at a party thrown by Stella Mccartney at her Hollywood boutique in Celebration of her father Sir Paul McCartney's new music video 'My Valentine', which was followed by a dinner at a nearby restaurant on Friday (13.04.12).

While stars including Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, Jane Fonda and Amy Smart were happy to walk the 0.06 miles to the Madeo eatery, Gwyneth and Chris were driven to the second venue, a Journey that took just 10 seconds.

A source told the New York Post newspaper: ''It's a short walk. Also at the dinner was Gwyneth with husband Chris Martin - except they left the party in a gas-guzzling Town Car, were chauffeured a few feet and got out at the restaurant that was pretty much next door to the party.''

Despite taking the car for the short journey, both Gwyneth and Chris have previously backed environmental campaigns and around 18 months ago, Coldplay were named patrons of non-profit environmental law organisation ClientEarth.

The group aims to bring dedicated legal expertise to the environmental movement across the globe and address big environmental challenges.