Gwyneth Paltrow's parents wanted her to cure AIDS.

The 'Iron Man' star's mother, actress Blythe Danner, admits she and Gwyneth's father, actor Bruce Paltrow, didn't want her to follow in their footsteps because they thought she was too intellectual and would be better off pursuing a medical career.

Blythe said: "She's so smart we wanted her to find a cure for AIDS or something. We were pretty firm about her finishing her education but when we saw how talented she was we finally said okay."

Gwyneth has two children, five-year-old daughter Apple, and three-year-old son Moses, with her husband, Coldplay star Chris Martin, and Blythe thinks they will pursue a creative career path like the rest of their family.

She added: "Apple and Moses love to fantasise. I'm always down on my hands and knees playing a character. They really love that."

Bruce - who married Blythe in 1969 - died of cancer in 2002.