Gwyneth Paltrow is working with a famous nutritionist for her Goop newsletter.

The actress - who launched the weekly lifestyle newsletter which includes tips on how to lead a healthy life in September 2008 - has enlisted the help of Dr. Oz Garcia to advise her readers.

According to the New York Post Page Six, the Hollywood star and Dr. Garcia - who has worked with Hilary Swank and Heidi Klum - have been working together for a few months, conducting sessions via phone.

Meanwhile it has been revealed that the actress will sing live at the Country Music Association Awards (CMAs) next month.

Gwyneth - who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin - will be joined on stage by Vince Gill to sing the title track from her new film 'Country Strong'.

Oscar winner Gwyneth plays a fallen country singer, who tries to resurrect her career through touring in the film, and director Shana Feste insists the actress put a huge amount of effort into her vocal performance in the movie.

Shana said: "She worked very hard on the music. She had guitar lessons and vocal lessons and she took it very, very seriously.

"I just knew that she had the chops to do it and I thought that it was a surprising choice.

"She's not who you'd think of when you think country singer. Your mind doesn't immediately go to Gwyneth Paltrow, but I knew that she had the acting ability to pull it off."