Gwyneth Paltrow is said to be spending £60,000 to fly her extended family and entourage to England for Christmas.

The 41-year-old actress relocated to Los Angeles earlier this year with her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, but she wants to return to their London home for the festive season and intends to have all her loved ones and American family members for the festivities.

Gwyneth will be splashing out on flights, security, gifts, food, and extra wages for her staff to help her to ensure she can celebrate the holiday in style.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''She misses her family and will spare no expense.''

She is planning to head to her home in the country's capital where she lived with Chris and their children, seven-year-old Moses and nine-year-old Apple, before the family moved to America this September.

Gwyneth recently revealed she doesn't want her children to grow up in Los Angeles and insists she will bring them back to the UK before they become teenagers.

She previously said: ''I don't want my children to be teenagers in Los Angeles. No way. I'm looking at this move to America like two years, three years tops - then we will go back.

''It's part of my parenting philosophy that children should get the opportunity to reinvent themselves at a few points in their childhood to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie and to experience living in different cultures. It's an experiment.''