Gwyneth Paltrow has said how happy she is for her friends JAY-Z and Beyonce following their recent announcement that the pop superstar is pregnant.

Speaking to E!Online the actress said "I think motherhood is the biggest blessing of all time and it gives your life real meaning." She also added "It's always interesting when you're a woman with success and you've achieved a lot, and then you have a baby and you realize everything you thought was an achievement really is nothing until you have a kid, and I think that will be [Beyoncé's] experience. It's wonderful to see her so happy right now."The 38-year-old actress was also speaking about her latest movie, Contagion. Directed by Steven Soderbergh it features a host of star actors including Matt Damon and Jude Law, who both starred opposite her in 1999 thriller The Talented Mr. Ripley, asked how she felt about working with Damon again she said "It was so great to work with him again, we're different in a lot of ways with all our kids and so we talked a lot about our kids and showed pictures."

Paltrow began her acting career in 1991 appearing alongside John Travolta in Shout, however, it was not until 1995 when she appeared as BRAD PITTS wife in Se7en that she gained attention. She has since gone onto appear in romantic comedy Shakespeare in Love which won her an ACADEMY award for Best Supporting actress in the movie.