Gwyneth Paltrow's daily bath is ''non-negotiable''.

The 'Goop' founder always has to have a nightly soak in the tub with a whisky or a cup of tea, depending how the day has gone.

She said: ''I take a bath every single night. I got really into taking them when I was 22 and shooting Emma in London. I fell in love with the ritual of it - lighting a candle and having a cup of tea or a whiskey, depending on my day.

''It's non-negotiable. It's just like, I do it every night. My kids are welcome to come in and chat with me if they need to - it's not like I'm in a meditation or something. But I just need that time and so I just take it. It's really the only time I take for myself every single day regardless of what is going on.''

And the 45-year-old actress has developed her own line of bath salts because she adores her daily ritual so much.

She added to People magazine: ''Over the course of time in going to various countries where they use different salts, different oils and different ingredients in baths, I got really interested in the therapeutic part of a bath.

''Just for me personally, if I swim in the ocean that is dense with salt or a lake with algae or a stream, there's just a feeling you get that you don't get from being in a pool or in a shower. So I wanted to create a bath line that really answered the needs of the modern person and that would kind of bring those incredible elements of nature into your bathtub.''