Gwyneth Paltrow chose to have her wedding near her birthday as she wanted to ''reframe'' the date following her father's passing.

The 'Mortdecai' star's dad Bruce Paltrow sadly passed away in October 2002 when they were on vacation in Rome, Italy celebrating Gwyneth's birthday and so she chose to have her nuptials with Brad Falchuk two days after her birthday.

She said: ''He had had throat cancer and we then were on a trip to Italy for my 30th birthday. He wasn't feeling well, and then he got double pneumonia and he just sort of died on me, on the trip ... just after my birthday. For years, I would go into kind of, the deepest depression of all time around my birthday, and then I thought, 'I've gotta reframe this somehow. My father would not want this for me.' So my birthday is September 27th, and this past September, I got married on the 29th September.''

Gwyneth wanted her father to be part of her and Brad's big day so they decided to get married in the garden of her home, where her father's ashes are scattered.

She shared: ''His ashes are buried under this beautiful tree at my house, and we got married there, like, right near my dad - kinda on my dad, which sounds weird!

And the Hollywood actress admits she misses her father every day as she praised him for always being so ''observant and so deeply supportive''.

Speaking on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, she added: ''When my dad died, I was 30, which was relatively very young, hopefully, in the span of my life, and I still have a really hard time with it ... He was such an intentional father and he was so observant, and so deeply supportive, and set us up to win all the time.''