Gwyneth Paltrow turned agony aunt on Valentine's Day (14Feb13) to help the unlucky-in-love find a little happiness on the most romantic day of the year.

The Shakespeare in Love star's weekly newsletter was all about heartbreak on Thursday as the actress attempted to reach out to those not celebrating Valentine's Day.

She wrote, "Our last two Valentine's issues here at goop have been about cultivating romance in couple-dom. But what if you are all by your lonesome this year? Or, what if you are suffering the loss of a great love from death or divorce or a hideous breakup?

"Valentine's Day, in that case, is just a f*@£ed up reminder of what you don't have. So we decided to seek out ways to make it feel just a wee bit better; cooking yourself a decadent little dinner for one, some tips to mend a broken heart, some music to cry to. We have all been there, and as bad as it is, suffering is never in vain if you find what it's there to teach. Hugs and kisses, gp."

Paltrow then called on some of her advisers to cook up meals for one, while suggesting readers should listen to Thinkin' Bout You by Frank Ocean, Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart by Alicia Keys or Lauryn Hill's I Used to Love Him.