Gwyneth Paltrow has tried marijuana.

The 44-year-old actress believes in the medical benefits of the drug and revealed that she has smoked it in the past.

Speaking in the debut issue of goop magazine, she said: ''What's really interesting to see, with all the legalisation of marijuana happening, is how there's evidence that it can be helpful in a medicinal sense for people. That it can really be an alternative pain management system, and, in some cases, helpful for depression.

''I think there is a lot of pushback against [medical marijuana], because I don't think we can monetize it with the same kind of margin you can with an anti-anxiety pill that you get from behind the counter. But it's incredible to see people who can't sleep, or people who have chronic pain, report really positive results, and it's a natural substance.''

And when interviewer Sarah Mesle said: ''Right. But here you're talking about people - people do this' - which is true. But, I'm curious ...,'' Gwyneth replied: ''Oh, I've tried it, and yes, I inhaled!''

She went on to add: ''That brand, hmbldt - apparently it's very tailored in terms of its balance. So, there's one that's for arousal, there's one that's for calm, there's one that's for pain relief, there's one for sleep. And you don't, like when you were a teenager, smoke pot and get blazed out of your mind.''

Meanwhile, Gwyneth - who has previously recommended vaginal steaming and earthing therapy to her goop readers - admitted there is one alternative therapy that even she will not try.

She said: ''My friend Miranda Kerr, she's amazing, she's a beacon of wellness information. She's turned me on to so much stuff. She has done leech therapy, and I don't want to do that. I really don't think I could do that! Because of the live creature thing!''