Gwyneth Paltrow was struggling with a "horrific hangover" at John F. Kennedy International Airport yesterday (28.09.11).

The actress was feeling the after-effects of too much alcohol as she waited to board a plane at JFK in New York City and took to her twitter page to get some sympathy.

Gwyneth - who celebrated her 39th birthday on Tuesday (27.09.11) -tweeted: "Nursing a horrific hangover at the jfk. Nothing like starting an overseas flight dehydrated. Where is the dog, I need The Hair. (sic)"

Actress Alexandra Wentworth took to the micro-blogging site to ask Gwyneth about her "crazy" night, but the Oscar winner insisted it wasn't her fault she was sick.

Alexandra tweeted: "@AliEWentworth: Happy Hang-over!!!! Heard it was CRAZY! Next year Paris! @gwynethpaltrow (sic)"

To which Gwyneth replied on her account: "I was over served, its not my fault. Or is it? (sic)"

Perhaps the 'Contagion' star - who admits her favourite alcoholic drinks are red wine and Guinness - didn't have time to implement her hangover cure before heading to the airport.

She previously revealed: "I have a great hangover cure. I take a cold shower in the morning and then I go into the sauna and drink a lot of water throughout the day. Green tea also helps!"

On Monday evening (26.09.11), Gwyneth enjoyed a birthday meal at Spanish restaurant Tertulia in New York's West Village with her husband Chris Martin and close friends Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles.