Gwyneth Paltrow's mother Blythe Danner is relishing her role in HANK AZARIA's new US TV drama HUFF - because she finally has the chance to play a bad girl.

The veteran actress loves her character ISABELLE's naughty qualities, as it gives her a chance to show fans another side of her.

She says, "This is such a gift. I've never been so happy in my life because this woman is just so bad. I feel like I've been let out of 'Nice Girl Jail' 'cause I've always played, for the most, these nice ladies.

"I love her, 'cause the badder the better. She sleeps with a man 20 years younger!

"It's just a joy and it's great to play someone who's so complicated and complex. We all have those elements in us. It's nice to let 'em out once in a while. Who of us is ever always nice?"

30/01/2005 10:29