Gwen Stefani was taken aback when she discovered Martin Scorsese wanted her to audition for a part in THE AVIATOR - but felt deflated when she found out she would only have one line.

Despite being a world famous singer with No Doubt, Stefani found herself at the bottom of the acting pile, and had to audition along with a host of unknowns who knew exactly who she was.

She recalls, "They sent me the script and I was 15 minutes looking for the part. I called and said, 'I don't see Jean Harlow in here.' It was on one page.

"It was so humiliating because you get used to being a star, and there are all these other girls at the same hotel. They are trying out for other parts, and they all know who you are. It's really awkward."

10/11/2004 17:27