Blonde beauty Gwen Stefani had a tough time dating Bush frontman GAVIN ROSSDALE when she first met him - because all of her No Doubt bandmates were against the romance.

Stefani and Rossdale, who have been married for two years, met when their bands reluctantly toured together in 1997.

And while they eventually fell in love, the men of No Doubt - including Stefani's ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal had great reservations.

She tells BLENDER magazine, "Everybody was against it. It was a very crazy time.

"There was already my break-up with Tony, and we were enjoying success for the first time and having outside things come in to our little band, our little family.

"And then I met Gavin. It was really lonely, because I felt like nobody wanted me to go out with him. My ex-boyfriend and all of my brothers in the band were saying, 'You are not gonna go out with that guy!' Because I had never been out with anyone else! And other reasons. Everything you could think up in your brain is probably true."

09/12/2004 02:41