Gwen Stefani was so desperate to collaborate with seminal British dance act New Order on her debut solo album, she refused to let them turn her down.

Stefani worked with renowned artists like ANDRE 3000, Dr Dre, and THE Neptunes on her acclaimed LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY disc - but no one proved a bigger temptation than having New Order on the album credits.

However, the TRUE FAITH stars initially declined Stefani's request.

Singer BERNARD SUMNER says, "She asked us (to write a song) but we told her that because we were in the middle of writing our own album, we wanted to keep the good songs for ourselves."

Undeterred, Stefani went away and wrote the New Order-style track THE REAL THING, which eventually interested the band enough to join her in the studio and play on the song.

05/01/2005 02:28