Pop babe Gwen Stefani is such a huge fan of fashion designers John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood, she has name-checked them in her debut solo album.

The NO DOUBT singer has taken time out of the band to record her disc LOVE ANGEL MUSIC BABY and create her fashion line Lamb, and pays homage to the British style gurus on RICH GIRL, her cover of Fiddler on the Roof's hit showtune RICH MAN.

The lyrics read, "Think what that money could bring, I'd buy everything/ Clean out Vivienne Westwood, In my Galliano gown."

Westwood's spokesperson says, "Vivienne has a lot of respect for Gwen Stefani and thinks she has brilliant style.

"Gwen has been a fan of Vivienne's for a long time and often pops into the Conduit Street (London) store to shop. She isn't one of these celebrities who expects to get everything for free."

01/12/2004 17:12