Gwen Stefani is excitedly preparing to re-team with her No Doubt bandmates, ending speculation she plans to abandon the group.

The RICH GIRL singer embarked on a solo career after she and her bandmates agreed to take a break, but rumours soon mounted that the blonde beauty had plans to go it alone for good.

But, after working with so many other collaborators during her solo sting, Stefani is looking forward to returning to the "comfort" of her longtime bandmates.

She says, "We're flirting about doing another record.

"I think it's been really inspiring for us to kinda break apart and do our own thing and get kind of excited about each other.

"The idea of going home now and working with those guys seems really comfortable after going out and working with all these amazingly talented people that I worked with."

22/03/2005 22:06