Pop queen Gwen Stefani has vowed to keep her private life private since marrying British rocker Gavin Rossdale.

The loved-up No Doubt frontwoman admits she used to be open about her love life, even singing about it in her hit songs.

She says, "My first record with No Doubt was all about my love life and exposing myself in a very naive way.

"But once you get married, to actually want to share information - I have no desire to do that."

Stefani, 35, who tied the knot with the Bush frontman in September 2002, now insists her marriage is off limits.

She says, "I put my music out there to be judged - either shot down or embraced.

"But my marriage is my marriage and for anyone to have an opinion about it, they can f**k off." she adds.

11/03/2005 19:23