Sexy singer Gwen Stefani is in such awe of OUTKAST star ANDRE 3000's talents, she was extremely nervous about recording a duet with him for her upcoming solo album.

Stefani, who will break away from her band No Doubt for the first time to release her own project in November (04), teamed up with an array of stars - including the Neptunes, New Order, Dave Stewart, DALLAS AUSTIN and DR DRE -for her as-yet-untitled album.

But working with HEY YA! hitmaker Andre 3000 on the track BUBBLE POP ELECTRIC proved to be particularly daunting for the normally fearless Stefani.

She says, "I'm such a fan of Andre's. I was sent hundreds of tracks, and his were the first that I actually liked.

It was interesting to work with him while his star was really shining bright. At first, it was kind of intimidating, like, I didn't feel I could shine. But by the end, it felt like we were in a band together."

31/08/2004 02:23