Gwen Stefani is so overwhelmed with all of the work involved in putting on her first runway show, she's beginning to wonder if she's taken on too much.

The sexy No Doubt frontwoman show off her fashion pieces from her Lamb label on 16 September (05) at New York's spring Fashion Week, and she's stunned at the amount of work that goes into planning such events.

Stefani, who's arranging hair, makeup, models, music and front row seating among other tasks, says, "I feel like I've taken on way too much. There are certain days when I'm like, 'What have I done?'

"Nobody said, 'You have to do a show.' I was the one talking s**t, the one who said, 'So we're doing a show in September.'"

But even with all of the pressure, the blonde beauty admits she finds that fashion inspiration comes far more readily than song-writing.

She adds, "I can sit there and nothing comes to mind. I don't have one thing to say. But with designing, there's no problem. Just throw me in a freakin' costume house, and I'm set."