No Doubt's comeback album is influenced by one hit wonders.

The US group originally went on hiatus in 2004 after 18 years together, but have been working on a new sound for their latest album, influenced by 80s novelty songs.

Lead singer Gwen Stefani said: "The last few weeks we've been listening to the worst of the 80s, in the sense of bad but good."

"Pop songs, one-hit wonders, nifty songs, things like that. You just go back and find things that you love, and try to figure out how they made them."

Gwen - who makes up the band with Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont and Adrian Young - added she's having fun being back in the studio with the group, who reformed in 2008, but have made a slow comeback as the singer was pregnant with her second child at the time.

Gwen added to Rolling Stone maagzine: "They were doing stuff before, but things are kind of starting over, you know what I mean?

"We might re-visit some of that stuff, but it's the same old chase. It doesn't matter how we get there - we want to get there, we will, and we're having fun doing it."