Gwen Stefani is never dressed down.

The 42-year-old singer - who is renowned for her platinum blonde hair and punk-rock image - always wants to look good in front of her husband Gavin Rossdale, and consequently never lets her looks slide.

She said:'' I'm still a teenager. Never went outside without make-up. Seriously, I never look sloppy, not even at home.

''I also like it when Gavin says I look cute. Yes, I want him to think I'm hot!''

When sitting at home and watching television, Gwen reveals she is even dressed up then - although in much less clothing as she is likely in bed.

She added: ''When I watch TV, it's almost always in bed. And there I'm very lightly dressed.''

Even her children Kingston, six and Zuma, four, are renowned for their fashion taste, and she admits that is all down to them and she has very little input into their images.

She added to Britain's Hello! magazine:'' They don't let us tell them what to wear anyway. Kingston has this grunge look going on and Zuma would prefer to run around as 'Spider-Man every day.''