Gwen Stefani wants to ''investigate'' new music.

The 49-year-old singer last put out an album in 2017 with her first full-length Christmas record 'You Make It Feel Like Christmas', and has said she's keen to get back in the studio to record some new music, although she isn't sure what she wants the message in her songs to be.

She said: ''I want to do some new music. I don't really know what that is. Again, all these things is very much a reflection of where I'm at, so I want to say something, not really sure what that is, but I want to investigate it. And the only way to investigate it is to stop wasting my time on stuff that's not important, so focusing on trying to do that.''

The 'Hollaback Girl' hitmaker has been influential to many singers and young women around the globe since she first experienced major success as a member of No Doubt in the 1990s.

And Gwen is ''so grateful'' for her fans, and says performing her current Las Vegas residency has given her the chance to notice just how much she inspires people, which in turn makes her determined to keep making music.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''Anytime you can have any kind of inspiration on anybody is just, is hard to really, I think always throughout the success that has been going on for a while, which I'm so grateful - you never really absorb it. You can never really understand it's real and I think that being on stage in Vegas right now has been a really amazing way to sort of take it in. Because when it's such a small audience, compared to the shows I normally do, it's so intimate, it's like being able to see all the different kinds of people that come out that know the songs and know my life story and see my style and the way that they decided to dress up for that big night out, it's just been really an eye-opener. Honestly, it never gets old. It's always shocking. It's always inspiring. More than anything else, it inspires me to keep wanting to do that.''