Gwen Stefani has had an ''incredible year''.

The 'Misery' singer may have split from husband Gavin Rossdale - the father of her sons Kingston, 10, Zuma, eight, and two-year-old Apollo - in 2015 but she poured her heartbreak into latest album 'This Is What The Truth Feels Like' and has found love again with Blake Shelton and she can't believe how well things have turned out.

She said: ''I was so blessed to have music as an outlet and to be able to share my story and to get all that love. It was basically like giving and receiving of love all year long through music.

''It was just an incredible year for me and I'm so grateful.''

And the 47-year-old beauty thinks she is finally ''seeing in colour'' for the first time.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''This year was like someone said, 'Hey, wake up!' and I was like, 'Whoa! Oh my god!' I thought I was seeing in colour, but now I'm really seeing in colour.

''I didn't know I was in a cocoon ready to bust out.''

Gwen is incredibly thankful to have Blake in her life.

Se gushed: ''It's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. He's an amazing person.''

The 'Don't Speak' hitmaker previously admitted she felt her new music was a ''Band-Aid from God''.

She said: ''I feel like God just handed these songs to me as a kind of Band-Aid, to help me through this crazy time in my life. And it's all about finding your talent and then sharing it.

''I think of being able to pour my emotions into songs as a gift. It's very gratifying to be able to go through those difficult and negative feelings and use them to create something positive.

''I was aching to be creative again, so this has been inspiring and comforting because I was feeling insecure about my work. Now I feel I've got my confidence back.''