Gwen Stefani has only ''really changed'' the way she removes her make-up.

The 48-year-old singer struggled to have a thorough cleansing routine when she was younger and on tour, as she used to have to wash her face with just a bottle of water, although she knows the ''key'' to flawless skin is to clean her face thoroughly in the evenings to let her skin ''breath''.

Speaking to, the 'Rich Girl' hitmaker said: ''The one thing that I have really changed is trying to get all the makeup off. It was hard when I was younger because I was always on a tour bus, literally washing my face with bottled water, inside a bus. But the key is to keep it clean at night. Let your face breath (because I really don't let it breath at any other time). I'm such a make-up crazy girl, I love make-up.''

Gwen - who has sons Kingston, 11, Zuma, nine, and three-year-old Apollo with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale - has revealed she was warned to stay out of the sun when she was younger, and she wished she could make her younger self to take heed of that advice because she has realised the damage it can cause.

Asked about the best beauty advice she has received, she said: ''Stay out the sun! Ok so you guys [in England] have no problem with that. It's funny though, because you definitely see it as you get older. Later in life, you're like 'what is that?!', and it turns out it's from the sun and you're like, 'oh why did I do that to myself?'. That said, growing up in California, I was pretty good. Not when I was a kid, but once I hit my twenties.''

Although Gwen - who is currently dating Blake Shelton - would tell her younger self to stay out of the sunshine, she would also tell herself to ''listen to [her] heart''.

She added: ''Stay out of the sun! But apart from that, I would say listen to your heart. I've always listened to my heart, but I do think that sometimes I didn't listen to my instinct.''