Gwen Stefani feels in a ''feminine place'' in her life at the moment.

The 48-year-old beauty has just launched her own eyewear collection with Tura Inc, under her L.A.M.B. label, and Gwen has revealed how she considers her style to have changed over the years.

The chart-topping star shared: ''In the past, I typically would always go for heavy nerd glasses that made a super huge statement.

''As time goes by I've gone smaller and more feminine, but I'm in a really feminine place in my life now anyways.''

Early in her career, Gwen thinks she had a naive attitude towards fashion, admitting her look in the 90s was ''very focused on make-up''.

But Gwen thinks she's become more feminine as time has passed.

She told Women's Wear Daily: ''Being in No Doubt had a specific look, but after doing my solo records, launching my clothing line [L.A.M.B] and being part of fashion week, I've evolved in my femininity.''

And Gwen says that the opportunity to work with Tura arrived at the perfect moment in her career, explaining that it coincided with her needing to use reading glasses.

She said: ''[The partnership happened] right when I needed optical and being that I'm a self-centered designer, it was perfect.

''Doing clothes is really fun, but it just feels so limited. But what's exciting about doing glasses is you feel like everyone can be included and everyone can get a little piece of [your creativity].''