Gwen Stefani discovered her sexuality at the age of 14.

The 45-year-old singer has been aware of her feelings and attractions since she was a young teen, but she admits it's something she's always felt awkward about.

Speaking in the March issue of Fashion magazine, Gwen said: ''We have this sexual side to us that is alluring and powerful. It's a gift. When you discover it when you are around 14, it feels amazing. But you learn it's fleeting. Sexuality is something I've never felt comfortable with.''

The 'Sweet Escape' hitmaker may be known for her risque outfits but the mother-of-three insists she'll never bare her breasts for a magazine because she thinks talent is more important than looks.

She explained: ''I won't be doing any topless photo shoots anytime soon. It's not my thing. I don't judge people for it, but I didn't even wear high heels until I was 30.

''It's important to evolve outside of your sexuality to entertain people. It was never a card that I played or will play - ever.''

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty has had to adapt her demanding career to suit her children Kingston, eight, Zuma, six, and Apollo, 11 months, with whom she has with her husband Gavin Rossdale, but she admits she wouldn't be able to do half of the stuff she does without enlisting the help of other people.

She explained: ''I don't want people to think that I could do these things without having all the help I have. I have a full-time assistant. I have nannies. I have tutors. I have housekeepers and managers ... Even then someone still suffers every day. ''Like today, poor Apollo got bummed out when I walked by him. I do feel guilty - a lot.''