Gwen Stefani has cancelled her Wednesday show in Las Vegas.

The 'What You Waiting For' hitmaker is currently performing as part of a residency at the Zappos Theatre in Las Vegas until November 2 but she was forced to pull out of Wednesday's (24.07.19) show as she is ''unwell''.

In a post uploaded to her Instagram page, she wrote: ''I am so upset to share that I am unwell & will not be able to perform my Vegas residency show tomorrow night. I was so looking forward to seeing everyone & performing & I wish I wasn't feeling the way I do. To everyone who was coming to Wednesday's show, I am so sorry. I am doing everything I can to be back on stage Friday.''

Gwen previously admitted her Las Vegas residency is ''draining''.

She said: ''It feels like a marathon! It's so physical, it's so emotional, it's so draining, but it's so rewarding. I feel so honoured ... It's been pretty magic. I'm pretty lucky ... I get up and think, 'What am I? Who am I? What am I doing? But then something just clicks in and I just have this need for attention from these people.''

Gwen - who has three sons from her marriage to Gavin Rossdale and is dating Blake Shelton - admitted there is a lot of pressure in having a residency because it means people have travelled from a long way to see her, so she feels ''blessed'' to have been trusted with the gig.

She explained: ''Everyone is coming to you from all over the world and it's just tall order. You're up against Vegas, and all the other shows and all the other activities, and people like flew in and are having a weekend, and it's a big deal. I feel really blessed. I know they're not just handing [residency shows] out to anyone.''