Sexy singer Gwen Stefani has confirmed she's taking a break from No Doubt to concentrate on her solo career.

In a posting on the group's website, the newlywed admits she has already started recording a solo album - and she's looking at movie scripts.

She says, "I am not quite sure if it will become a full-blown solo project, singles for a soundtrack or just songs. I am just kind of letting it take me where it takes me and see what happens. It is all part of a process for me."

Among those collaborating with Stefani on her solo efforts are hit songwriting team the MATRIX and rapper Eve.

Meanwhile, the singer is keen to test her acting abilities.

She adds, "Although I really haven't made a decision yet, if the right part were to come along I think I would try working in film.

"I have always had a real love for making videos and the filmmaking No Doubt did. Who knows? I think it might be another challenging place to express myself creatively."