British pop star MARILYN has revealed his gay romance with Gwen Stefani's husband Gavin Rossdale was for real - years after he denied the rumours sparked by Boy George.
In his book Take It Like A Man, Boy George revealed Marilyn and Rossdale were an item - long before the rocker found fame as the frontman with British band Bush - and the former couple denied the claims.
But now Marilyn has come forward to explain he said what he did because his friend's career was taking off in America and he feared he'd ruin everything for him if he confirmed what Boy George had written.
Marilyn tells In Touch magazine, "He was just becoming successful. I agreed to lie against every grain of my being."
But, as he plans his own autobiography, Marilyn insists he can't lie any longer.
He adds, "We were together five years, but it felt like 40... He was the love of my life... We made a commitment."
Rossdale, who firmly denied the gay reports in the mid 1990s and insisted that he and Marilyn were just "good friends", has dismissed the new claims as well.
But Marilyn insists they became close in the early 1980s when Rossdale was a "funny-looking" 16 year old, who followed the Calling Your Name singer around the London club scene.
Marilyn tells the publication, "He would have his back against the wall, just staring at me... He'd never really done anything other than worshipping me."
After the couple split, Marilyn claims he stayed close with Rossdale and befriended all the rocker's girlfriends - but that ended when Gwen Stefani started dating the ex-Bush star.
Marilyn recalls, "I don't know Gwen really well. She is the only girlfriend/wife I had never gotten close to - and Gavin orchestrated that. I have no idea why."
But he was a guest at the couple's 2002 wedding after Rossdale reportedly called him at the last minute and asked him to be a part of his big day: "Gwen and I kept locking eyes. I felt really bad. I only showed up at their wedding to give them my best wishes and support."