Guy Ritchie's new movie has been savaged by critics after it's premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

Just two years after his last effort, SWEPT AWAY, flopped miserably - Revolver, Ritchie's return to the gangster genre, has been dismissed as a "convoluted, risibly overwrought muddle" by one US magazine.

Screen International also warned viewers would be left "bewildered and disappointed" by what the Hollywood Reporter described as "pretentious style and fractured storytelling".

Hollywood Reporter reviewer KIRK HONEYCUTT adds, "The movie spins wildly in circles, continually doubling back on itself, repeating scenes - once even backward - and lines of dialogue until a viewer loses a grip on what is supposed to be real."

Jason Statham, Ray Liotta and ANDRE '3000' BEJNAMIN star in the movie about a feud between a criminal gambler and a gangland boss.

Ritchie was acconpanied to the Toronto screening by his wife MADONNA - appearing less than a month after she suffered three cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken hand in a horse riding accident.