Local London residents have started up a petition to curtail filming on Guy Ritchie's new movie SHERLOCK HOLMES after the filmmaker ordered them to move their cars so he could shoot scenes.
Residents of St. John's Street in Finsbury, North London were furious when they were made to shift vehicles out of nearby lots so Ritchie could film scenes with stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law this week (begs01Dec08).
But now they have responded by drumming up a petition urging the city council to reduce Ritchie's shooting period from 13 to nine days.
Val Martin, who is leading the protest, says: "When they filmed V for Vendetta in Rawstorne Street they gave everyone GBP50 a day compensation.
"I told the film office that for every day they film, they should give us GBP50. They said they would give some money to charity instead but I said, 'No, charity starts at home, especially during the recession'!"