Director Guy Ritchie is undeterred by the poor response to his latest movie, he's already planning his next film project - an ancient historical comedy.

Revolver, Ritchie's return to the gangster genre, disappointed critics and fans - just three years after his previous big screen effort, SWEPT AWAY, flopped miserably.

But Ritchie has already begun work on a new movie about the 16th century Great Siege of Malta by the Ottoman (Turkish Empire).

He says, "I finished another scrip, which was based on the siege of Malta, and that took about a year to write. I was going to do that one first but then a load of epics came out. So I thought I'd see how they did. I'd still like to make it."

Ritchie was inspired to make the new movie a comedy after witnessing the success of Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL. He adds, "I think they work best if they're fun. They don't seem to work if they're serious because they're silly stories.

"If I was to go either way, it would probably be more towards Pirates."